Our Story

Hello. Welcome to Warmy. So glad you are here!                                                  

A Canadian brand created out of a love and passion for traditional knitting methods using natural sustainable fibres. 

My mum was taught to knit by her mum (my grandma) at an early age. Knitting is a traditional past time and art form in Cusco, Peru (my mom's home town) that has been passed down from generation to generation using luxurious Alpaca wool. Over the following years we knitted as a hobby making items for ourselves, family members and friends. We kept receiving the same question, "Your scarf is beautiful, where did you buy it from?" It was at this point Warmy was conceived…. 


Born out of a hobby and passion for knitting we wanted to share our art others. To go back to a more sustainable and heart felt way of producing clothes and return to a slow fashion world.

Behind every piece is a loving hand!
Sally & Cloty   


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